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Dedicated server is the term given to when you rent a whole physical server from Indigo for exclusive use. Indigo will manage the hardware of the server and will co-ordinate any upgrades as required.

Some cases where a dedicated server may be helpful:

  • If you need performance from the server(s) running your websites / applications
  • If your applications have large memory (RAM) requirements
  • If you require fast disk access for your applications
  • You have specific environment settings for your application
  • To form part of a multi-server high availability setup
  • You do not wish to share hardware resources with other users
  • You are a large reseller of web hosting services
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Cloud is the term given to virtualised systems that run on a high availability platform that have the ability to scale as needed.

Some cases where cloud may be helpful:

  • If you need flexibility in resources and want the ability to scale resources up and down as needed
  • If you need complete control over the environment without the performance a dedicated server provides
  • To form part of a multi-server high availability setup
  • You do not want to share hosting resources with other users
  • You are a reseller of web hosting services
  • You need a server for development or staging purposes
  • You need a server for a temporary event to scale up and then down again
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Co-location is the term given to housing your equipment in Indigos’ datacentre. When you co-locate, you continue to own the equipment and have complete control over it.

Some cases where Co-location may be helpful:

  • You already own hardware and would like to increase the availability / network / power / cooling redundancy
  • Housing your IT assets inhouse is not viable for security or cooling reasons
  • Reusing an older server you already own as an offsite backup server for your inhouse assets
  • Business requirements mandate the hardware is owned, not leased
  • If you require a specific hardware configuration where renting on a monthly basis is not viable
  • If you require a specific model of hardware that is not offered on a rental basis
  • If you need to house a physical appliance (such as a spam filter) for your business
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We are so confident in our hosting infrastructure and the expertise of our technical support team that we offer a 99.99% SLA.

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All aspects of our network are monitored 24x7x365 by our monitoring systems and NOC staff to address issues as they arise.

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