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Introducing Indigo Cloud

Scalability. Flexibility. High Availability. Cloud.

What is it?

Cloud computing is the ability to deliver pooled resources from connected hardware via instanced software. The "cloud" itself is able to grow or shrink as required, allowing for instant scalability when you need it.

How is Indigo Cloud different?

Indigo utilises the industry leading VMware virtualisation software coupled with Dell enterprise level hardware to deliver a highly available cloud service. We operate our cloud in 2 different data-centres, both of which are housed in Sydney Australia to allow you to choose where your instance is deployed and maintain a higher level of availability by allowing services in each data-centre.

Infinite scalability

With Indigo Cloud, you can enter at the bottom end of the scale by selecting a low resource plan and increase this dynamically as your needs increase. What may begin as a very modest CPU, RAM and storage configuration can be upgraded instantly to an enterprise level system without any redeployment of your application.

Why is scalability so important?

The traditional server model requires you to make long-term choices about your hardware, and migration to new servers when your hardware no longer suits your needs is a headache at the best of times. Utilising the cloud, your business can grow without the usual pains associated with requiring more power for your services, which saves you both money and time.

Only pay for what you use

By using a pooled resources model, we are able to offer a "pay for what you use" model, meaning you don't need to anticipate your exact needs before signing up. We do not lock you in to specific pricing, and you have at your disposal the unlimited resources of the "cloud" if you ever need it.

The best of both worlds

We're proud to help you discover the benefits of our world class cloud technology. We can also show you how to integrate cloud solutions in to your existing physical architecture, allowing you to provision new services side by side your existing dedicated servers. This allows the flexibility of cloud with the unbeatable performance of a dedicated server to help you maintain flexbility and power.

World Class Data-centres

Two world-class data-centres right here in the heart of Sydney: Global Switch in Ultimo and Vocus DC in Alexandria. As Australia's premiere hosting specialists, we pride ourselves on delivering a business partnership to our customers that is backed by reliable infrastructure and proven service which is why our cloud is backed by a 99.99% SLA guarantee.

VMware Partner

Indigo is proud to be a VMware partner in order to deliver our cloud platform.
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99.99% service level guarantee

We are so confident in our hosting infrastructure and the expertise of our technical support team that we offer a 99.99% SLA.

24x7 Network Maintenance

All aspects of our network are monitored 24x7x365 by our monitoring systems and NOC staff to address issues as they arise.

Build a business partnership

By choosing Indigo, you are partnering with a leader in Australian hosting. With our experienced staff working 24x7x365, you can feel confident in our expertise and dedication to providing the best possible hosting for your business.

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