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About Indigo

Who we are

Indigo was formed in 2011 and went on to acquire the dedicated hosting division of Netregistry. Indigo was acquired by Servers Australia in 2016, and today we have a network of over 1500 dedicated and virtual servers making us one of the largest dedicated hosting providers in Australia. Indigo is a Servers Australia Pty Ltd brand.

Our people

Indigo knows the importance of knowing who you are talking to. That’s why we don’t outsource; we run our own support team. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Servers don’t stop, neither do we. Indigo is led by an all Australian management team who have a combined experience of over 50 years in data-centres and enterprise IT.

Our support

Indigo operates a local office in Sydney, right between our 2 data-centres. Our support team consists of over 20 highly trained technicians comprised of systems and network admins. Having a small team allows us to know your needs intimately and can work closely with you to ensure your needs are met, anytime of the day or night.

Our servers

We only use quality products; we have all seen our fair share of failed servers and have learnt that it pays to buy quality. This is why we chose to use Dell and Supermicro servers. These two have proven themselves in the industry as brands known to be flexible and have a high build quality whilst being on the lower end of power consumption.

Our network

When you use Indigo, your server isn’t using the resources of one internet connection; we have over five of them to ensure the best possible route from your ISP to your server. We use some of the biggest names in Australian transit connections: Eftel (Telstra), Vocus, Pipe networks (TPG), WAIA (iiNet / Internode) and Platform. All of this, with built in DDOS protection.

We use the best of the best: Cisco routing, HP Procurve Switches, Juniper firewalls and F5 load balancers.

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How we can help

99.99% service level guarantee

We are so confident in our hosting infrastructure and the expertise of our technical support team that we offer a 99.99% SLA.

24x7 Network Maintenance

All aspects of our network are monitored 24x7x365 by our monitoring systems and NOC staff to address issues as they arise.

Build a business partnership

By choosing Indigo, you are partnering with a leader in Australian hosting. With our experienced staff working 24x7x365, you can feel confident in our expertise and dedication to providing the best possible hosting for your business.

We partner with the best in the business.